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We believe your experiences of the brilliant businesses featured in Local Buyers Club will be all the richer if you get to know them a little. That's why we're bringing you their stories and their news.  Our businesses are brimming with passion and personality - just the qualities that make living local so appealing.

Local Buyers Club launches Virtual Neighbourhoods as a lifeline during lockdown

Virtual Neighbourhoods are rolling out across London to help people find out which small businesses are providing vital supplies during the coronavirus lockdown. Area by area, the new website highlights local businesses offering home delivery of essentials (and treats) - it’s proving to be a real lifeline to residents stuck at home and is generating much-needed trade for shops and restaurants fighting to survive. The public is being urged to get behind it and send in details of businesses making self-isolation easier. The site has been set up by the team behind the Local Buyers Club, which has been championing independent businesses for the past two years. Foun

Free online courses, activities and resources for children in lockdown

Faced with a prolonged lockdown at home with the children as Coronavirus wreaks havoc, this list of activities and amazing free learning resources could save your bacon! It’s been compiled by teachers and parents who usually homeschool, covers a broad range of topics from maths, geography, science and literature to fun craft activities, cookery and exercises you can enjoy with your kids at home. We are gobsmacked by the quality of learning resources available online – and free! Head to Facebook too, where a brilliant page: Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas is amassing thousands of followers each day. For children who don’t have access to WiFi or technology at home, most schools have laptops pre

Coronavirus: coping strategies for small businesses

As small businesses brace themselves for the full impact of Coronavirus, we’ve been finding out what they can do to stay afloat. Many cafes, restaurants and shops are already suffering because fewer people are going out. But what happens if the government forces them to close, as has happened in Italy? And, if they stay open, what steps can they take to cope with the inevitable downturn in trade. Below are seven strategies for coping with Corona. We’ve also launched a new Facebook group for small businesses to share suggestions, information and their experiences relating to Coronavirus. Click here to join the group. 1. Make a continuity plan, adapt your offering where possible. Basil Fan

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The Local Buyers Club has four very simple goals: to highlight & support London’s best independent & small-chain businesses, to save you money, to better connect communities and to support local projects benefiting those in need.

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