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Enchanting pixie homes springing up in Islington

Mischievous pixies are dodging Islington’s sky-high property prices and setting up bijou homes all over the area.

Little pixie doors and bug hotels have been appearing in tree trunks around town with pretty little gardens, painted pebbles, house-signs, flowers and even signs of life like pixie washing hanging on the line and a miniature post box.

They’ve been spotted at Spitalfields Park, Canonbury Square, Angel and Highbury Barn.

It’s the handiwork of an urban artist on a mission to spread a little magic who told the Local Buyer’s Club she’s determined to stay anonymous.

She said: “I wanted to leave something on this planet that my children, grandchildren would be able to look at when I’m long gone. This came from losing a very good friend to cancer. I want to stay anonymous otherwise it takes the magic away!”


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Sadly, not everyone’s overjoyed at the arrival of new neighbours and a couple of the properties have been removed from trees in Islington.”

Admirers of the pixie houses have been posting their appreciation on Instagram. One wrote: “Keep persevering – you provide so much enchantment.” Another wrote: “They give so much joy.”

Check them out on Instagram @pixiehouse_by_t



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