Guardians of the Arches - David takes on Goliath in East London and beyond

Guardians of the Arches

(Credit: Sarah Ainslie)

There’s an uprising happening against crippling commercial rents and it’s being led by little East End businesses.

When Leni Jones heard that Network Rail was planning to hike the rent by 364% at her family’s Ducati motorcycle repair company Rosso Corse, which operates under the arches at Bethnal Green, she took six months out of her day job at an accountancy firm and threw herself into campaigning.

(Leni Jones)

Leni joined Derec Hickman of Chu’s Garage and numerous other railway property tenants whose businesses are threatened by rent rises. Guardians of the Arches was born and, as Leni prepares to go back to work, they’re now crowdfunding to raise £42,000 to turn it into a natio