Gold! Kemp brothers order a "Spandau" at East End bakery

spandau danish

Staff at The Bread Station thought it was gold when Spandau Ballet’s Martin and Gary Kemp popped in and ordered their "Spandau" pastry.

The London Fields bakery, which uses traditional Danish baking methods, has been serving the Spandauer (a sweet Danish pastry) since they opened.

A member os staff at the bakery said: “This was completely out of the blue, but it was GOLD! So great to have them in the bakery and we’e delighted Spandau are fans of our Spandau”

They chose well – these sweet pastries are delicious. Their bakers have mastered the art of baking without yeast or additives.

When The Bread Station posted about the encounter, which happened in January, on Instagram, Gary Kemp replied: “Couldn’t believe my eyes! Was filming in area. Great bakery. Took a loaf home.”