Why do male TV chefs have all the adventures? asks Andi Oliver

Andi Oliver

TV presenter and restaurateur Andi Oliver has hit out at the lack of equality in cooking shows which means men are the only ones enjoying adventures.

The 54-year-old, who is one of the judges on The Great British Menu, said she’s determined to break the mould and adventure will form a major part of her next TV project.

In an interview about her life with the Local Buyers Club, she said: “There aren’t enough female chefs on TV having adventures. We had Two Fat Ladies who were funny, there’s Nigella and she’s all sexual innuendo and then there’s Mary Berry aged 95 in a pinnie cooking Bakewell tarts. Why is it that male chefs on TV get to have all the fun?! I’m going to have an adventure. There’ll be music and food and poetry – for me it’s not just about food ever – it’s about connections and community. No more boring pinafore crap!”

Andi Oliver

Andi, whose Stoke Newington restaurant is getting rave reviews, recently appeared in The Road to Saigon – driving 4,000km through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in a 1970s Morris Minor with her daughter, TV presenter Miquita Oliver. Local Buyers Club members save 10% at Andi's (more info).