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Meet the deviants and dandies behind Hackneys latest craft brewery


These three colourful characters are the men behind Deviant and Dandy, a new brewery which has been turning heads in East London.

Since its launch six months ago, the company has been ‘gypsy brewing’ (using space in other breweries to brew its beer) but the team are set to sign the lease on a new site behind Pressure Drop in Hackney Central.

It means they’ll be able to expand their production, increasing the portfolio of the 30 bars and bottle shops they currently supply. Their product line includes a lager called Steve, a lawnmower ale called Strange Brew and a pale ale called Trust.

…hearing him speak about beer is like hearing a first-class sommelier talk about wine (but much more matter-of-fact!)

Ben Taub, co-founder of Deviant and Dandy, said: “Coming up with wacky names is everyone’s job – and we have a lot of fun deciding. We aren’t beer snobs but we love beer and we’re having fun making beer we think people will like and some people say Steve is the best lager they’ve ever had.


(Rupert from Deviant & Dandy)

“The new site is wonderful – it will enable us to have a 10-barrel kit and a tap room in the back yard. Once our brewery is set up we’ll be able to be much more experimental.”

Deviant and Dandy is the latest company to join the Local Buyers Club – with a 10% discount to members via their online shop.

The brewery is run by friends Byron Knight (a chef and the main brewer), Rupert Selby and Ben. Investors include Fortitude actor Robert Sheehan.

Ben previously worked in marketing for the music industry before launching his own online marketing business working with big brands.

He added: “I always wanted to have my own product to promote and the craft beer industry is a lot of fun so when Byron was trying to raise money to run a brewery I was keen to get involved.


(Ben from Deviant & Dandy)

“We get on really well with the other craft brewing companies around – people around here are pretty good at helping each other out.”

Byron, who has previously managed high-end restaurants, is hugely passionate about the brewing process – hearing him speak about beer is like hearing a first-class sommelier talk about wine (but much more matter-of-fact!).

One of the businesses stocking the beer and acting as a taproom for Deviant and Dandy is Off Broadway in Broadway Market, which is run by Byron and Rupert. Local Buyers Club members also save 10% at Off Broadway.

The range


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