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Young entrepreneurs shed light on energy switching

A new independent business has launched to help householders switch energy suppliers and saves customers an average of £313 per year.

Glow Save was launched by lifelong friends Rory Bate-Williams and Rob Hemms after Rob tried to switch his parents’ gas and electricity provider and became frustrated at the “confusing and complicated” switching process offered by price comparison websites.

Rory said: “When we looked beyond the price comparison websites and did our own research we were dumfounded by how much more they could save.  Some of these websites seem to operate a confuseopoly, they don’t represent all the suppliers and steer you towards the one which pays them the most commission.  Even if they find you a good rate – it’s down to you to manage the switch.

“People are strangely loyal to brand when it comes to energy suppliers, yet the product and the service is the same whoever you go to and choosing a less known brand can save you hundreds of pounds per year.”

For just £25 per year (£20 for Local Buyers Club members), Glow Save will search the whole market for the best energy deal to suit your average usage and can automatically switch you to your best tariffs. They aren’t paid commission by energy providers so are completely independent and they manage the whole process of switching.

It’s not the first time Rory and Robert have worked together, they’ve been friends since the age of eight and, when Rory launched a marquee hire business to fund his university fees, Robert came to work with him.

But at Glow Save they’re 50/50 partners – Rory’s role is to generate new business, while Robert, who previously worked as a reinsurance broker, looks after the operational side of things. They’ve created software which automates part of the process and spots the best tariffs on the market.

Rory added: “As children and as young men we’d always talk about working together – we had an idea that we’d like to open a food stall but Glow Save seemed too good an opportunity to miss. Having been friends so long, we can be very frank and honest with one another and that certainly makes running a business together easier.”

To find out more visit -  to make the switch or start the process, you’ll need a recent energy bill.


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