Singing releases same ‘love’ hormone as sex

Has the dip in temperature set your mood to blue? Research into the health benefits of singing shows it could be just the think to perk you up!

Did you know singing improves your sense of wellbeing, reduces pain, improves breathing, speech and posture?

Since the dawn of time singing has been a way of marking community life – celebrating births, deaths and work. In many less technological societies it’s a central way of bringing people together. As a famous Zimbabwean proverb goes: ‘if you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing.’

But are we losing site of the value of singing? Are we turning into passive listeners as we encourage only the best singers to perform?

At the Local Buyers Club we’re on a mission to get people singing! Partly because we’re die-hard karaoke fans ourselves. Let’s face it – it’s pretty tricky to go out for karaoke without breaking a smile at some point.

In celebration of Lucky Voice Islington and Soho being in the Club and offering discounts to our members, we’ve been learning about the origins of karaoke and why health experts think it’s particularly good for us.

A recent study at the University of Stockholm showed that men and women get an oxytocin high when they sing. It’s the same hormone the body releases during pregnancy, lactation and sex!

Following an accident that left him disabled, sixties musician Robert Wyatt described singing as: “The best free drug going!” He added: “It does what exercise does and more.”

Professor Clift of the Sidney de Haan Centre for Research (part of Canterbury University) wrote: “Just as walking is now prescribed, the benefits of singing for health are slowly being rediscovered by health practitioners.”

Lucky Voice on Upper Street

Parkinsons patients who attend singing sessions report having fewer stutters afterwards and asthma sufferers say they breathe easier after singing. And scientists say secretion of antibodies increases when we sing, so our immunity is boosted too!

Lucky Voice launched in Soho in 2005 as of the UK’s first ever private-room karaoke venues. Its Islington branch opened soon after.

Founders describe their mission: “to bring out the love of singing in everyone!”



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