Fun North London gym offers to help beat winter blues

What could be more fun on a cold winter night than hanging upside down, swinging your hips and stretching your body parts to the edge?

An unusual N19 gym has expanded its range of classes to suit everyone in a bid to convince locals to leave the comfort of their couch and get their hearts pumping.

The Factory, which occupies the first and second floors of a Victorian textile factory is described as ‘an inclusive dance and fitness centre’ – it’s a workout space that’s full of fun.

Classes include Pole Dance, Zumba, Aerial Hoop, Yoga, Ballet Fusion and Dance Fusion – there are varying levels of each on offer, so if you’ve always been tempted to scale the pole, or hang upside down from a Lyra hoop, or dance your booty in to submission, it’s all there. As well as staples like HIIT, Zumba and Indoor Cycle classes.