It's Zero Waste Week - try something new!

Zero waste

It’s Zero Waste Week and, as we make a concerted effort not to buy products with plastic, we’re noticing some pretty wonderful side-effects.

With a more eco approach to shopping comes a need to be prepared: to remember to bring reusable bags and containers, perhaps to walk a little further – there’s a slight loss of convenience and a need to deviate away from familiar products and try something new.

But we must start somewhere! And with this more old-fashioned approach to shopping comes an added layer of human interaction and more exercise; which is surely good for the soul!

We’ve researched a few eco products and were pleasantly surprised.

1. Fluoride Toothpaste Tablets.

They come in a cardboard box and, if you buy in bulk, cost a similar amount to toothpaste in a tube. Pop one in your mouth, add a little water, chew it a little then brush – it takes a little getting used to; the texture is a little chalky but your teeth feel and look nice and clean after.