Help Hackney send less to landfill

Does working out what can or can’t go in your recycling bins leave you scratching your head?

We’re on a mission to shed some light on the amazing recycling services offered locally and the items which can be easily recycled.

In 2016/17 just 27% of household waste in Hackney was recycled and some contaminants tossed into the recycling by well-intentioned residents caused problems. The borough was ranked 24thin London for recycling rates.

The most common items wrongly included in dry recycling bags include: polystyrene, food, nappies, tissues, plastic film and wrappers, hard plastic like toys, electrical items and garden waste.

Here’s what you can recycle: aerosols, plastic containers (e.g. empty bleach bottles, shampoo bottles, yogurt pots, fruit punnets), cardboard, tin cans, glass bottles and jars, foil