Foodie flair runs in the Oliver family

Being a foodie runs in the Oliver family.

Great British Menu judge Andi Oliver has appointed a skilled pastry chef to work at her Stoke Newington restaurant: her niece Phoebe Flynn Oliver.

The talented chef has been turning heads with her original and seasonal desserts and she often helps out with main meals too.

Phoebe’s career as a pastry chef began when she completed a patisserie course at the Southbank University, she went on to work at a small industrial bakery where she met her fiancée and later worked at pop-up restaurant Rita’s in Dalston where her chocolate pie was highly acclaimed by Time Out Magazine.

She said: “Working with Andi is really good – we have a good relationship. She and my dad were very close; when he died she stepped in to help. There’s just two months between me and her daughter Miquita so we’re very close.”

Asked what it’s been like growing up with such close celebrity links (Miquita is a TV presenter and radio broadcaster they’re great friends with Lily Allen), she said: “In many ways it feels very normal - when we were growing up Mum was in a band, Miquita was famous from a young age and we were friends with Lily from a young age too. It feels a bit exciting I suppose, like there is a bit more opportunity.”