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10 independent & unusual gift ideas

Flummoxed for Christmas shopping inspiration?

We’ve spent all of 2018 getting to know local retailers (and independently-run websites) and have come up with a short snappy list that’ll make it look like you’ve done the legwork.

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, filling a stocking for a loved one or planning the Secret Santa to beat all Secret Santa’s, we’ve got it covered. And we’ve negotiated some great discounts.


1. We’ve fallen hard for the creations of jeweller Naomi Tracz. She’s based in Stoke Newington and sells unique jewellery from her online shop. They’re handmade, limited edition pieces made of silver, gold and semi-precious stones. There’s a beautiful simplicity to her designs. Local Buyers Club members save 15%.

2. Get rummaging in your partner’s knicker drawer, check out their size and head down to The Pantry Underwear in Camden Passage, Islington.

These are undies to feel special in and the team there are expert fitters. Local Buyers Club members save 10% off their first online order or 20% off their second bra.


Scout & Co.

3. Fill your online basket (and your children’s stockings) at Scout & Co. Launched by three East London mums, this gorgeous website sells design-led unisex children’s products. Items include little wooden cameras, gorgeous lunch tins and flasks and wonderful origami sets. It’s a definite step away from throw-away plastic and bold move to choose items to treasure. Local Buyers Club members save 10%.

4. Hackney Pirates in Dalston has a brilliant selection of stocking fillers – from beautifully illustrated books to make-your-own robot kits and ships in bottles. Shop here and your money is helping to deliver reading schemes to children who are falling behind at school.


5. What could impress your workmates more than a Christmas tattoo sleeve or an Elfie-Selfie photo booth? Earlybird Cards in Stoke Newington Church Street has these and more. They also have sprout jokes toilet roll or lookalike luxury truffles! Local Buyers Club members save 10%

6. Vinyl has made a massive comeback and we think it makes a great secret-Santa. Atomic Records in Camden Passage has thousands of records to choose from; from modern-day artists to rock legends of old. They also sell wonderful comics, old and new. Local Buyers Club members save 10% on orders over £10.