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ORA: Meet the talented young brewer behind some of London’s most exciting beers!

The team at ORA Brewing have an eye for talent.

When they took on head brewer Julia Huber, she was just 21 years old but her unique palette and determination to succeed in what is stereotypically a man’s world, shone through.

Since then she’s developed their core range of beers - the Limoncello IPA, Giasone (a double dry-hopped IPA with Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra), Nonna (a Tiramisu Stout) and the Panaro (a West Coast pale ale). She's also brewed several special beers, including the Icarus (Saison with Lemongrass and Bayleaf), Imperial Stout with Chocolate and a Tropical IPA with peach.

Julia, 23, dreamed of becoming a brewer since the age of 10 when she begged her parents to take her on brewery tours in her home city of Munich, Germany. She went on to study the art of brewing for three years before getting an apprenticeship. She’s travelled extensively - planting hops and brewing beer in New Zealand and she lived for over a year in Greenland where she worked for a large brewery.

Now she works closely with ORA’s founders Daniele, Pietro and Emanuele, brewing beer at their Tottenham headquarters for sale here in the UK and in Italy. Their beers marry quality Italian ingredients with contemporary beer styles. Local Buyers Club members save 10% when they order online from ORA.

Julia added: “I moved to Greenland to run things for a brewery - it was pretty exciting. I saw the Northern Lights every day and the nature was amazing but I didn’t see the sun - for three months it was completely dark and it got pretty lonely so after a year and a half it felt like time to move on and it was exciting to move to London.

“Working with ORA has been a pretty big journey and so different. They told me to do what I wanted - it’s the most fun I’ve had at a brewery so far! I could make the recipes I’d always dreamed of trying and have had input into so many things, including the labels and the decision to package the beers in cans rather than bottles.

“I try to always make us different from the other breweries - more experimental. I’ve used ingredients like basil leaves and actual chocolate in the brewing . Sometimes I go to restaurants and get my inspiration from the flavours in the dish or a cocktail - it’s like being a chef!”

ORA started life as a home-brew project run by three friends from a garage in Italy - their first beer was a huge success and they expanded - eventually brewing from Tottenham and supplying shops, restaurants and pubs all over the capital. They also have a vibrant taproom (book ahead!) and sell beers direct via their website.

Julia added: “At ORA there isn’t a button in sight! We do everything by hand - it’s really physical.”

After just over two years with ORA Julia is determined to become a Brew Master and she’s heading back to Germany to study for another two years. She added: “There’s a misconception that being a brewer is man’s work - during my time as an apprentice in Germany I faced a lot of discrimination - I’m determined to prove to all the men that women can do it! I’ve always wanted to become a Brew Master and working at ORA has given me the confidence to go for it."

So the hunt is on for a talented Head Brewer who shares the team’s passion for flavour and talent for brewing!

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