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Fledgling company offers organic smoothies to spice up your life

Vikesh Kotecha is adding a touch of spice to the smoothie business.

From his family home in Bedfordshire, with help from his parents and a talented chef and nutritionist, he’s created The Honestly Good Smoothie Company – delivering organic smoothie-making kits to homes all over the UK.

The recipes feature fruit, veg, protein and pulses and, inspired by Vikesh’s Indian roots, a sprinkling of spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and turmeric. They’re air-frozen and delivered in sustainable packaging ready for customers to blend at home.

The business was inspired by his own motivation to improve his health and digestion and his smoothies are packed full of wholesome ingredients to boost fibre intake, strengthen immunity and boost your energy.

He and the team have spent most of Christmas washing, peeling and chopping organic fruit and blanching vegetables in readiness for New Year.

Vikesh, 27, was working in recruitment when he spotted a gap in the market for organic, seasonal and vegetable based smoothies. He quit his job with just one-month’s pay, employed chef Blake Bowden to develop the recipes and began experimenting with flavours in his mum’s kitchen.

He added: “I didn’t want to seek external investment and soon realised I’d have to go back to work to fund the start-up costs. I worked over 100 hours a week, working four jobs including deliveries and hospitality over 18 months in the early days and used every moment of spare time to fine-tune the smoothie recipes.”

Today, The Honestly Good Smoothie Company has around 30 recipes some sweet and fruity and some more savoury and vegetable-based. Typical ingredients include beetroot, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potato, peas, tofu, green beans, pulses, mushrooms, fruit, nuts and seeds.

Vikesh added: “There’s definitely a strong Indian influence to our recipes. We’ve perfected the balance of our chilli smoothie now! It is a real family business – Mum and Dad help with all the preparation.

“I have a smoothie a day for breakfast – it gives me clarity of thought, more energy, better digestion and I stay fuller for longer. If you eat lots of different colours you get what you need. Our smoothies usually feature at least four portions of fruit and veg.”

Customers can buy a smoothie subscription of five or 10 kits fortnightly – each kit makes a pint of smoothie.

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Find out more at:

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