Direct trade coffee - from war-torn Cameroon to Hackney's Twisted Fork

A London café owner has built a unique alliance with a trader from Cameroon whose workers risk their lives to export coffee from their war-ravaged country.

Richard Clark of The Twisted Fork is one of just a handful of cafes to team up with Matti Foncha – a Cameroon coffee trader on a mission to get a fair price for his farmers and to share his community’s plight with the wider world.

The Twisted Fork serves Cameroon Boyo – strong coffee grown in volcanic soil – sold direct from the farmers who brave gun-toting militia to get their coffee to market. And Matti, who divides his time between Cameroon and the UK, is often at the cafe telling his story.

Since late 2016 conflict has been raging in Cameroon between the Government and separatist fighters. Around 437,000 people have been displaced, homes burnt, property looted, people injured and kidnapped and hundreds have been killed.