Spice up your life as Andi’s goes Caribbean

Things are heating-up at neighbourhood restaurant Andi’s as it prepares for a relaunch with a nod to its founder’s Caribbean heritage.

Andi’s on Stoke Newington Church Street is about to become Andi’s Wadadli Kitchen – Real Caribbean home cooking. Its new menu includes Chocolate Curry Goat, a recipe Andi has spent two decades perfecting!

Other dishes will include Plantain Fritters, Orange and Ginger hot & sweet sticky Chicken, Roast Pumpkin and Spinach Rundown and Andi’s mum Maria has been teaching the team how to make her Johnny Cakes with Wadadli spiced butter.

Andi, who runs the restaurant with her business partner Kelly Miles, said: “When we looked at Stoke Newington and what we thought was missing it seemed to be about flavour and impact and taste – so we decided on real, authentic Caribbean food. A lot of the time when I eat Caribbean food in this country – and even in the Caribbean – it can be a bit disappointing; the jerk chicken is often a bit dry; it’s all a bit uninspiring, but we only plan on doing this well – we’ll be serving Caribbean food like we cook it at home.”

(Orange & Ginger Hot, Sweet, Sticky Chicken)

Ragul Madan has joined the Andi’s team as the new Head Chef.

Andi added: “We’re having a great time together – I’ve always thought cooking with people is like dancing with someone and Ragul is like my perfect dance partner. He is from Chenai in India and has grown up cooking with a lot of spice. We’re having the best time developing recipes together.

“As always, I’ll be in the kitchen a lot, but I know it’s in safe hands with him.”

To celebrate the relaunch Andi is offering Local Buyers Club members 25% off food from the dinner menu during November. Members save 10% any other time at Andi’s Wadadli Kitchen. (Click here for info or to join)

(Andi Oliver)

The name Wadadli comes from the Arawak Indians, the original people of Antigua. Wadadli is their name for the island. Andi said: “It is the Azure seas, dazzling white sands, the deep spice of the old recipes and the warm comfort of family. We take the name in honour of them, how they lived together, cooked together and all that they survived together.”

(Chocolate Curry Goat)

Andi’s parents were born in Antigua – her mum became a prim