Shop local this Black Friday, and maybe every Friday!

Forget Black Friday – this week is Indie Week and small retailers say it’s much better for your soul!

The Just a Card campaign have just launched Indie Week to counter Black Friday and are calling for shoppers to go with their hearts and support smaller, independent stores.

The Local Buyers Club, a discount card set up to encourage people to support independent business and save a little money in the process, is urging everyone to support Indie Week.

Basil Fansa, who founded the Club, said: “If everyone made an additional purchase every week at a local independent business it could make a real difference. Local traders rely on this month in the run up to Christmas to get them through. But the Black Friday campaign, which is fuelled by multinationals with huge marketing budgets, literally threatens their livelihoods and that in turn threatens the uniqueness of our high streets. I’d urge people to follow their hearts and support Indie Week – it’s much better for the soul!”