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Discover London’s best independent breweries

When it comes to finding brilliant businesses for the Local Buyers Club to promote to its members, we find ourselves drawn to breweries!

The pandemic was a devastating blow for the beer industry – in March 2020 beer sales plunged by 40% compared to the same period the year before and while off-trade (supermarket sales etc) increased by around 10%, it didn’t make up for the losses.

Despite this, the number of UK breweries grew by 7.5% in 2020. And, with companies like Draught Drop delivering beer milkman-style to your door and most UK breweries offering to deliver, there’s never been an easier time to discover craft beers.

Basil Fansa, co-founder of the Local Buyers Club, said: “We love independent breweries - the brewers we work with are brimming with passion for their product – they’re often foodies with finely-tuned taste buds creating beers just as deserving of tasting notes as the finest wines!

“The indie breweries we feature in the club are creative, great for local economies, supportive of local events and have eco-friendly practices. What’s more - their beer has a richer and more distinct taste than watery mass-produced beer.”

Among the breweries offering savings to Local Buyers Club members are Tottenham-based ORA Brewing (check out their amazing Limoncello IPA) – their head brewer Julia Huber has created some great special beers such as Icarus (Saison with Lemongrass and Bayleaf).

And Walthamstow-based Pillars Brewery is the newest member to join, offering Local Buyers Club members 10% off their award-winning craft beers.

Other fabulous breweries featured in the Club are East London’s Deviant & Dandy. Their product line includes a lager called Steve, a lawnmower ale called Strange Brew and a pale ale called Trust. Local Buyers Club members save 10%.

A stone’s throw from Battersea Power Station, Mondo Brewing, is causing a stir. They offer a flagship IPA and a core range of five beers – influenced by American craft beer. Local Buyers Club members save 10%. They also brew the Dishoom IPA for the popular Indian restaurant.

And in South London, the By the Horns Brewing Co have a decade of experience – their beers are influenced both by America’s craft brewing scene and the British real-ale tradition. Local Buyers Club members save 15% on orders over £72.

Basil added: “If you’re new to craft beer and wondering where to start, these five breweries are a great way to sample quality beer made with care! We’re also big fans of Draught Drop – a beer discovery club who deliver growlers of craft beer to your door made by indie breweries.”

What is the Local Buyers Club?

We're on a mission to help you discover & support the best independent businesses in London.

Members benefit from savings and perks at hundreds of fantastic restaurants, shops, bars and businesses throughout London. We help promote them and raise awareness of the advantages of shopping locally. We also organise and support community initiatives. We're more than just a discount card - we're London's shop-local club, helping you discover and support fabulous independent businesses.

Join Local Buyers Club and, for just £15 per year, you'll be helping to support local business and you'll receive a discount card to use at any of the hundreds of businesses listed on the site.


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