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Determined traders launch website and series of events

Traders in Stoke Newington are on a mission to increase footfall with a huge marketing campaign, a new website and a series of events. is packed with events, interesting facts, local history and a guide to the area’s stunning nature reserves. It includes news articles about the small businesses and characters that make Stokey special. The site was commissioned by the Business Association and built by The Local Buyers Club.

Heidi Early of the newly-formed Stoke Newington Business Association, said: “See You in Stokey is our battle cry! It’s the roar of some amazing traders who are determined to keep Stoke Newington colourful, creative and characterful. We realised that by working together independents are stronger and can harness the support of our community and attract new people to the area.”

Jenna Fansa of the Local Buyers Club added: “We were thrilled to have been asked to build this site – we’re on a mission to help London’s small businesses thrive and a big part of that involves telling the stories of the people who make areas like Stoke Newington so special. When you shop online or order a takeaway from a big chain, you’re missing out on a wealth of experiences and creativity.

“Stoke Newington is such a beautiful, friendly area - there’s a strong sense of community here and it’s a place where you can find tranquillity and nature too. We’ve tried to represent all of that character in the new Seeyouinstokey website."

Stoke Newington (or Stokey as its affectionately nicknamed locally) is home to Abney Park, one of London’s Magnificent Seven cemeteries and bordered by Woodberry Wetlands, a nature reserve, which was opened by Sir David Attenborough. It’s also home to the world’s best Irish pub (outside of Ireland!).

The eye-catching brand for See you in Stokey was the work of local business Rude Studios. Campaign posters have been displayed all over the neighbourhood.

Kate Revere, of SNBA, added: “The role of small businesses has evolved. It isn’t enough to stock nice products and price them competitively, now we have to be great at marketing too. It starts with building a strong social media presence but here in Stokey we’ve realised we have to do even more – we have to sell the whole area and the experience of coming here and for that to work small businesses need to collaborate.”

Funding for, a series of local events and the marketing drive came from Hackney Council’s High Streets and Town Centres fund and will be funded on-going by the businesses.


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